Performance and Events



We have 3 showcases a year: Vertical Ball, Anti-Gravity Gala, and Grand Pole-a-Palooza.   Showcases are always mind-blowing amazing!  You'll enjoy a variety of art at the Expressions Fitness Studio.  The next Showcase will be in July. 

Showcase Requirements: 

You must take 3 classes in the 4 weeks prior to the show and purchase your performer fee of $20 which comes with a ticket to be in the showcase. 

Next Showcase: Anti-Gravity Gala on August 4th, 2019. 



Our Competition team meets to practice once a month on Sunday in our performance feedback class.  Anyone can take performance feedback to get information on how to improve a showcase or other performance.  The competition team works on polishing, and improving their own performances until the performance is competition ready.  The team decides which competition to go too together.  Remember competition is about you!  You are always free to go whenever you decide you want to compete.      


Creating Art

Putting a performance together starts with a song or a character for your dance story.  Once you have your character and song established, it's now time to piece it together.  Start with a specific move at a specific part of the song and branch out if you wish?  Feel free to start from the beginning with the 1st 20 seconds instead?  Remember to allow yourself to change it as you create your art.  Enjoy the process. It's your art, so it can be shaped and molded as your vision comes together.   


Expressions Fitness members have access to personal practice time following established guidelines.  This is perfect for putting together a performance. 

 If you prefer to have assistance creating the art, we have private classes available.  




Expressions Fitness hosts events periodically at Expressions Fitness studio and outside Expressions.  The events are a great way to get to know other pole artists, express your art, or support your Expressions Fines team. Our next Event is the Raw Art Show at the House of Blues.  You get 40% off two purchases at Expressions when you buy a ticket to the show.  Click on the photo above to purchase tickets.