Pole Dance Party

    Create memories that will last a lifetime with your own private party at Expressions Fitness.  We aim to please and deliver the most amazing experience for you and your group.  Book now for a sexy bachlorette experience or for a fun get together with friends/family.  We can make it more sensual or more sporty depending on the experience you want to have.   If you want to feel sexy, you've come to the right place!

Lap Dance and Tease Party

Learn how to cast a spell over your special someone makeing them yearn for you.   You'll gain the secrete knowledge of magical movment and the art of the tease.   You are already a beautiful creature to be lusted after.  Lap Dance & Tease will teach you how to utilize your amazing self to become a temptress.   

    You can add a lap dance and tease element to your pole dance party doing both in the same party.  

Burlesque Party

Burlesque is fether bowas, tease, tassle twirles and the art of un-dressing.  It is a beautiful art form all its own.  This art style has many elements to it that you're sure to enjoy.   Getting a taste of burlesque is getting a taste of moving with complete confidence and love for yourself.  You and your friends will enjoy every second of this awesome class.

    Our amazing instructor Bell Sin has 16 years of burlesque performance experience, and she has won numerous awards.   You're in good hands with Cleveland's own Brulesque Queen. 

      She's available to party with you on the following dates:   

June 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, and 29

July 12, 13, 19, and 20

August 16, 17 23, and 24

September 27 and 28

Chair and Floor Dance Party

Flow with friends and learn a chair dance or floor dance routine you'll be sure to love.   The experience is like none other.  There's something enchanting about takeing a song you love and moveing  thorugh a beautiful routine with firends.  This is an absolute must do!   Check out some videos below.  

Home Party

   We can bring a pole to you for a private party in your home.   We are available for both more fitness style pole or to unleash your inner seductress.  We'll help you bring out your sensual side at a bachlorette party, toy party, or break up party.  Unleash your inner temptress, or just enjoy seeing live, beautiful tricks.  We're here to help you create a  memorable experience.  

Party Pricing 


1hr party

     You must have 3 people to have a 1hr party.


     $40 deposit

     The deposit is also a party pass for you and one of your guests. 

2hr party

    You must have 5 people to have a 2hr party. 


    $60 deposit 

   The deposit is also a party pass for you and one of your guests.

Fine Print: 

-The deposit is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the party

-The party must end on time. 


Home Party Pricing

1-2hr party  $320

3-5hr party $500

Deposit $150

The deposit is refundable up to 1 week prior to the party.