Drop-in Pole Classes are set up for you to come and go as you please.  You can keep track of your tricks using our tracking sheets if you wish.  You can move up in levels as soon as you meet the requirements.  Drop-in classes include Pole Dance, Voluptuous Vixens, Pole Tricks, Power Pole, and more. 



Progression Classes include a step-by-step process for you to learn following a syllabus for success.

    Progression classes are broken down into 8 week sessions or 8 week commitments and different levels.  Level 1 includes upright movements only.  Level 2 focuses on fundamentals including climbing and inverting (going upside down). You can start at level 1 or 2 as you desire.  Everyone needs level 2 training for fundamentals. 


Artistic & Flexy

Artistic & Flexy classes are weekly drop-in classes without pole including stretch, Sultry Sway, and Burlesque.  

    Learn to get your splits for the first time as an adult in stretch class.  It takes consistency and the correct techniques, but it is absolutely possible. 

   Sultry Sway includes a quality core workout with a sultry, sexy style.  Get in touch with your inner temptress and learn a sultry dance.

   Burlesque will teach you the art of you, and you are beautiful!  Learn to walk in heels, how to animate facial expressions, twirl tassels, and more.  



Special Classes

Specials are drop-in classes that are not on our regular, weekly schedule. We offer chair dance, floor dance, Group Choreography, Sensual Empowerment & Lap dance, Doubles Tricks, Dance It Out,  Low Flow Choreography,  Choreography, Fab-Pole, and Smooth Flow and more.  


Private & Semi-Private

If you'd like one-on-one or one-on-two attention we have private and semi-private classes available.

     You'll receive excellent service including a teacher that personally tracks your learning progress with our syllabus tracking sheets.  We can cater the lessons to your specific desires, correct your form, and teach you what you want to learn safely. 

   Private and Semi-Private classes are the best way to get assistance putting together a performance for a showcase or competition.  Your teacher will assist in creating your character, developing your combos, choreography, and perfecting the dance art. 


Getting Started

You can get started with a drop-in class, or try an 8 week progression.  Schedule permitting, progression classes are the best way to get started.  A progression will provide an opportunity for you to get the full experience.  

Start your pole journey now!  

No Excuses:

"I'm not strong/flexible enough"

Our syllabus is designed to give your body time to develop strength and flexibility in pole class.  Everyone starts as a beginner; you'll get strong and more flexible as you go.

"I'm not coordinated enough"

You absolutely are coordinated!  It will get easier every class!  

"I need to wait until I loose weight."

Pole is for all shapes and sizes.  We have a class geared towards celebrating size and how to move gorgeous, curvy bodies into and out of pole tricks called Voluptuous Vixens.  There are pole competitions specifically for the curvy pole athlete.   Start now!




Progression Pricing

Progression Class Pass


($14 each class for 8 weeks)


Private & Semi-Private Class Pricing 

Private Class Pass

$60 for 1hr

Private 4 Class Pass


($55 each class expires in 3 months)

Semi-Private Class Pass

$40 per person for 1 hour

Artistic & Flexy Class Pricing

Artistic and Flexy Class Pass


(class expires in 2 months)

Artistic & Flexy 4 Class Pass


($11 each class expires in 2 months) 

Artistic & Flexy 8 Class Pass


($9 each class expires in 6 months)


Memberships can be used for Pole Drop-in classes, Special Classes, Artistic & Flexy Classes, and Progression Classes.  

Special & Drop-in Pole Class Pricing

Special classes and drop-in pole classes are the same price and can be traded.  This means you can use one of the classes in your pole class package to try a special class. 

1 Pole Class Pass


(class expires in 2 months)

Pole 5 Class Pass


($15 each class expires in 2 months) 

Pole 20 Class Pass


($14 each class expires in 6 months)


Memberships can be used for Pole Drop-in classes, Special Classes, Artistic & Flexy Classes, and Progression Classes   



Pole Strong Membership

$76 a month 


4 Pole Classes at $14 each class

4 Artistic & Flexy Classes at $5 each class 

Aerial Expert Membership

$112 a month


8 Pole Classes at $14 each class

Benefits of  both memberships include:

-You can purchase additional classes at the same low prices of $14 for a pole and $5 for an artistic and flexy class.

-Un-used drop-in classes roll over and can be used for the next year

-It's only a 2 month commitment

-Studio practice time available