Our History

Independently owned, Expressions Fitness Inc. is a premier Pole Art Studio in the greater Cleveland region. We strive to provide the finest classes and parties incorporating traditional and contemporary pole.  In addition to pole we provide dance classes like chair dance, floor dance, burlesque and more.  Our stretch classes use methods that assist adults in reaching flexibility goals in a comfortable and inviting environment. Our reputation is built on professionalism and a commitment to excellence.


Our Staff

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, the staff at Expressions Fitness Inc. is what truly makes our studio spectacular. Each teacher is skilled at explaining and instructing with a positive and encouraging personality that suits our outlook and our clients.  Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about pole ensuring that your experience is safe as well as quality.  Your safety as our most important priority.


Come Learn

Supporting you is incredibly important to everyone at Expressions Fitness Inc.. It is why we do what we do.   Whether you want to stop in for a fun, feeling sexy, bootie popping party or get your weekly workout  learning new shapes, we are here to provide you with the most amazing quality classes and parties.  Book a party, private class, drop-in class, or progression class online today.  You deserve to feel beautiful!

Studio Rules of Success and Safety

Rules of Success

1) Believe in yourself!

2) Always give yourself time to learn; every expert was a beginner.  

3) Know that there is only one, unique, you!  Your pole fitness journey is about your so don't compare yourself to others.

Rules for safety

1) Your safety is the number one priority. 

2) The teacher teaches the class.

3) The teacher is responsible for spotting. 

Mission Statement

Expressions Fitness Inc. aims to provide quality art fitness classes and parties in a safe and supportive environment.

Cancellation Policies

Party Cancellation Policy

     All parties must be canceled 2 weeks in advance to receive a refund on your deposit.  Rescheduling is always a possibility when appropriate no later than 2 months after original party date. 

Progression Class Cancellation Policy

     Progression classes must be canceled 2 weeks prior to the class start date. If you miss a class there are no make ups, but we can let you know what you missed on the syllabus.  Because classes are ordered in a step-by-step progression, there's a lot of review.  If you're not feeling well, please just return to class when you're feeling better.

Drop-in Class Cancellation Policy

    Drop-in classes must be canceled 12hrs prior to class.  Expressions Fitness will cancel low attended classes 4-6hrs prior to class to give attendees a chance to sign up if their schedule opens up. 


Heels are a fun part of pole fitness.  Pole appropriate heels can be warn in any class.  We have heels available for you to borrow, buy, or order. 

    It is not safe to wear street heels in pole class.  Pole Heels are necessary for your safety. 

    You never have to wear heels.  You can always go barefoot as an alternative.   


Expressions Fitness Inc. is an art/fitness studio. Please discuss medical concerns with a doctor or medical professional at a medical facility.  


Comfortable clothing that allows movement is essential for all classes at Expressions Fitness.  Leggings work for non-pole classes.

    Pole Dance classes require shorts.  We have pole specific shorts available for you to purchase at very affordable prices and all sizes.  For your first few classes you can wear shorts you already have available.  

     You can wear leggings to pole parties if you choose.  Wearing shorts increases the number of tricks we can try, but leggings will work just fine if you prefer.  After safety, your experience is our focus, and we want you to feel amazing.

Body preparation

Please refrain from using lotion 4-6hrs before pole class for skin grip.

Class Viewing Policy

Expressions Fitness Inc. aims to keep everyone comfortable.  Students who are in the classroom during a regular class are participants.  However, we would love for you to come enjoy one of our showcases.


Barefoot is preferred for power pole and as an alternate to pole heels.  Some movements actually require a barefoot for safe execution.