Youth Program      

      The Expressions Fitness Youth Program will be starting in October of 2018.  We're looking forward to seeing you there!   

Classes youth participants can attend.   
Youth Pole Tricks 

Pole Tricks  is a class that focuses on the physical, technical, and muscle memory development aspects of pole.  There are a wide variety of enjoyable spins, beautiful tricks, and dynamic movements to experience in this challenging class.  We hope you forget you're getting a fantastic workout out until the next day when you're sore of course.   

Performance Class 

Performance class is a class designed specifically to put together a piece of performance art.  Pole Artists should be sure to have their song picked before attending class. This class includes assistance with choreography or just some time to practice a performance.   


     Get ready for a great stretch!  Getting a split or more flexible back is possible with consistent practice and the proper muscle engagement.  PNF stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, or engaging the muscle in the stretch has helped many of us inflexible adults successfully work toward advanced stretches like splits.  It is possible to gain flexibility safely with the proper techniques.