Pole Sport Fitness is an  enjoyable, fun option for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.  Believing in yourself; love yourself, and enjoy your exercise.  Stop in and see us in Berea Ohio.  

Purchasing a home pole 
    You do NOT need to purchase a pole for your home.  Expressions Fitness does NOT sell poles; therefore, we are NOT responsible for your pole purchases.  

However, we are frequently asked about home pole purchases.  The most important thing to consider is how the pole will be utilized. 

Poledanzer poles are hands down the most well made poles for special weight considerations.  These poles are thicker than most and can hold over 500lbs.  These are the poles we use at the studio for safe doubles, tumbles, and tricks.   

Lil Mynx poles are great for putting up and taking down with ease.  It takes 2 seconds if you have a level spot marked on the floor.  This pole is also great for going from spin to static mode.  

X-Poles are probably the most famous.  These are very nice home poles.  

You can purchase a basic starter pole for your home for less than you can make one on amazon.  Please read the reviews.   


Our Store and Gift Cards

*We will price match anyone selling at a lower price for your convenience, and we offer a variety of discounts*

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Gift Cards are good for Everything:
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Expressions Fitness Store Grip

Dry Hands: $8.50
Girlie Grip: $10.95
Knee Pads with tack: $30.00
Gloves with tack: $18.00
Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors with tack Straps: $22
Trixie Toes with Tack: $22.99
Itac2: $10
Stickit: $13.93 

Expressions Fitness Store Polewear

We have polewear for all shapes and sizes XS to 3X

Shorts:  $22 and up
Tops:  $32 and up
Monokinis:  $56 and up 
Pleaser Shoes

We are a retailer for Pleaser shoes.  We have shoes in store and provide special orders upon request.  It only takes about a week to get your special order shoes. 
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