"I'm not strong enough." Our syllabus is designed to give your body time to develop strength in pole class. Each class builds upon the last class making your body stronger with each spin.

"I'm not flexible enough." Our leveling system provides you with the ability to start with what your body can do. You are not required to be flexible even at an advanced level. If you want to become flexible as an adult, it is possible with the correct techniques and consistency. We offer stretching classes.

"I'm not coordinated enough." Nonsense! Teaching your body to flow sometimes takes a little time, but I can guarantee you that you will get the hang of it!

"I need to wait until I loose weight." Gibberish! Polers celebrate size and diversity! All shapes and sizes of people pole. In fact, we have a class only for our beautiful, Voluptuous Aerial Artists.  Also, there is a competition that only accepts curvy polers. You can find more information at

How to get started

Everyone can pole!  You have an important place in this beautiful dance art, and we’re excited to welcome you to the Expressions pole family.  In order to make your experience the best it can be, most of you will need to start with a Level 1 progression class.  For a variety of reasons including that pole can be very challenging, a progression class will make you the most successful.  Yes, you’ll need to commit to an 8-week progression; however, it will give you the dance backgroud you need to take the level 1 drop-in classes on the schedule.  Level 1 includes only 16 weeks with two 8 week sessions.  You can repeat the sessions when you are done, move on to level 2, or take dro- in classes.   

If you’re a beautiful, curvy shape and you’d prefer to be in a class with attendees who are also curvy, you can instead start with our Voluptuous Vixens class.  This class appreciates and addresses this gorgeous shape into and out of tricks.   

If you are a fitness instructor, have pole experience, take other aerial art classes, or have a strong kinesthetic base knowledge, you can start with level 2.  Pole is extremely hard to understand kinesthetically in the beginning, and it will be challenging.  You NEED to start with at least level 2 otherwise you’ll be lost or not as successful in level 3 etc.  Pole knowledge builds as a school subject like math.  You need to know all the steps to be successful.  If you started with Algebra in school, Math would not work as well as if you start with addition and subtraction.  Pole is the same; the moves and kinesthetic ideas build. 

If you’re starting at level 2 you can choose to do either drop-in classes or progression classes.  

Remember, you need to think about which of the following paths is best for YOU!

 If your best friend is a fitness instructor, and you are not; it’s probably best for the two of you to discuss your classes over coffee.  Pole is a PERSONAL journey.  Your dance art is unique because you’re one-of-a-kind!  Time to get started Aerial Artist!