Showcase performance:

Performing in a showcase is absolute magic!  You get the opportunity to express your beautiful art, you’ll get some amazing photos, and you’ll get a video of the performance.  There are a few requirements to be in the showcase:

1)     You must be a current student of Expressions Fitness meaning you must have taken at least 3 classes at Expressions in the 4 weeks prior to the showcase.

2)      You must pay a performer fee at least prior to the show.  You will be added to the list of performers when your performer fee has been paid.  Your fee is currently $20 and it includes your photos, your video, and potentially one ticket for a friend or family member to attend the show.   If we’ve sold out of tickets prior to you paying your performer fee or if you don’t want a ticket, you still must pay the performer fee to be in the showcase.

3)     You must give us an introduction about yourself and a copy of the version of your song that you want to perform.

If you can fill the above requirements for showcase participation, you’re in the show!  Now, how do you put together your performance? There are a few different options.  You can freestyle your performance!  We love a great freestyle and some of you, Aerial Artists, prefer it.  It’s a magical experience for the audience so why not?    If you’re not comfortable freestyling, you can put a performance together during open pole.  You can rent out the studio at a very inexpensive rate if you have a membership and put the performance together at the studio on your own.  You can also have a teacher help with a private class or a series of private classes.  



Competition is a much different experience than a showcase performance.  In a showcase performance you’ll get 100% support and everything you do is magic.  In a competition, other artists are tying to “beat” you.  Please remember that you’re always a winner!   Just having the courage to compete is hard enough.   Also remember that in the eyes of your pole family at Expressions Fitness you are the absolute best!!!!   

You’re always aloud to compete on your own in any competition you wish.  Competition is a personal journey just like pole. 

Expressions Fitness sometimes gathers a team to go perform at a competition when we have enough Aerial Artists interested with routines that are competition ready.  For a competition you must have all your toes pointed, your routine must be planned (NO Freestyling unless you’re doing a freestyle competition.) You have to have a solid character created and a story that a judge can figure out.

How do you create a competition ready performance?  You can do this the same way you create a showcase performance, you just need to work a little harder and longer on the performance.   You can use the Expressions Fitness studio on your own (with a membership it’s very affordable), you can put a performance together at open pole, or you can pay for a private class with one of our instructors.  

We do sometimes run a Performance Feedback class that will give you an opportunity to perform and receive feedback on the performance as a judge would at a competition.  You can also get feedback on which level and category might work well with the performance you’ve created.  Look under Special Classes for days and times that we’re running the class.  


Fab-Pole is a great class!  It's a fun to invert with fabrics supporting you.  Fabrics are attached to the pole for a gorgeous new way to pole.  There's a dance element as well.