Progression Classes

Progression Classes:

    Progression classes are classes that include a step-by-step process with the whole class learning each step, repeating steps, and focusing on the same thing in class.  The classes are meant to be taken in order with reviews and repetition for success.  Even if there’s a move that’s maybe a little challenging in the progression, most likely you’ll get a chance to try it again.  If you'd like to repeat a progression you can, or you can move on to the next 8 week session.

It's okay if it takes little time this is your journey or your story. The same amount of time will pass if you’re taking the class or not, so you might as well continue on and receive all the benefits of pole: smoother thighs, increased confidence, a chest “lift” from all the proper muscle engagement, a great outlet for your art, a healthy stress relief, and an engaging outlet for your emotion.   It truly is amazing!   Pole Aerial Artists are the unicorns!!!  

If you miss a class, like a college class, there’s no way to make up the class you’ve missed unless you repeat the progression.   If you don’t want to repeat a progression, you can look at what you missed in the syllabus and continue knowing there’s a review.  When you sign up for a progression class, you’re committing to 8 weeks of attendance and there’s no refunds just like a college course.  The whole class will miss you if you miss, so please try and make every class!  You got this; lets get started!

Current Progression Classes Starting: 

Pole Dance Level 1 Session 1 Tuesdays at 6pm March 26-May 14th 

Pole Dance Level 1 Session 2 Thursdays at 8:30pm Starts March 21st- May 9th