Other Important Information: 

Expressions Fitness does not have licensing or insurance to provide alcohol.  Feel free to bring your own snacks.  We can provide a table, plastic ware, small plates, and small cups.     

You must have 3 attendees have a party.  

Cancellation Policy:  Refunds can be issue up to 48hrs prior to the party.    

All party attendees  pay the fee to be present even if they choose not to participate.   

The deposit also acts as a party ticket/pass for a party attendee serving a dual purpose of reserving the space and providing entry for 1 attendee. 

Payments per attendee upon arrival include a cash discount. Credit card payments have the same applied fees as the deposit.  We do accept credit cards. 


Pole Parties

      Imagine an amazing experience enjoying a magical time with friends at an Expressions Fitness party!  There are a wide variety of parties including dance, tease, lap dance, photo party, and a tricks party for those who only want to make beautiful shapes.   You can get in touch with your sexy side or keep it more artistic with Pole choreography, Chair dance choreography, and Floor Dance choreography to a song of your choice.  If you want to go all the way, we have a Premium heels party that includes a brand-new pair of pole heels for everyone in your party to take home and keep.  Being able to share the experience with friends is priceless.   We're looking forward to making your experience the best possible experience at Expressions Fitness.

Pricing varies depending on the type of class.  Photo parties are $60 total regardless of the number of attendees. 

Price for 1hr: $20-$30 per person

Price for 1.5hrs: $30-$40 per person

Price for 2hrs: $40-$50 per person


   A deposit is required to reserve the time slot for your party. The deposit serves two purposes as a reservation and a pass for one of your party members or yourself when you arrive.  

    Watch the short video below for a tutorial on how to book your party in 40 seconds.  

High Heels Hotness
Add heels to your party!

    Imagine starting your party with everyone opening their very own box of their own pair of heels when you arrive! Believe you will float in these new shoes with just a little heels training and some fun heels class games.  Hear the sound of heel clacks to the beat of your favorite song as you work those heels like magic!  

    Pole heels are made specifically for this art and are designed for you to float.  Pole specific heels are surprisingly simple to walk in next to the pole and more comfortable than normal street heels.  If you can walk in normal street heels, you’ll be able to dance in pole heels. 

     Any of the party options can be made more memorable with the High Heels Hotness addition.  You can party like it's 1999 in a pair of pole heels with our decade party, kick it with a pole dance party, or even learn a pole routine with a pole choreography party.  If you’re more interested in the look and feel of these sweet shoes, add this feature to a photo party. 


Pricing/person: -same as party type you choose 

Party reservation:  $40 -applied to passes upon arrival  

Please book at least 3 weeks in advance.  Everyone is required to purchase the heels 2 weeks in advance, so we can assure the heels arrive on time.  To purchase heels, go to our mind body software, click on *online store,* and pick the color you wish to purchase.   You can purchase heels for the whole party in advance as a special surprise if you wish; we just need to know the shoe sizes of the attendees.  Heels only come in full sizes 6-14.     

Photo Party

Spend a quality hour of taking beautiful photos of yourself and your friends. Bring your cell phone to take photos with ease for yourself or your favorite social media including snap chat, Facebook, Instagram, and more.   You can also bring a photo taking device in addition to your phone if you choose. You take the photos and use them as you wish. Expressions Fitness has a large photo book of photo ideas you can use in addition to the suggestions of your teacher. You’re free to come up with your own poses pending safety. Expressions Fitness provides photos pose demonstrations, the beautiful facility, music of your choice, a short warm up, and a short cool down.

Price: Only $60 total regardless of the number of guests for a 1hr party.  The party deposit is $20 the remaining $40 is due upon arrival.

Pole Dance Party

   This AMAZING party is classic! You’ll warm up with some gorgeous floor work, learn to dip around the pole, and make beautiful shapes. We’ll teach you dance moves and play memorable games. You’ll get the opportunity to take photos or videos if you desire as well.

$20/person 1hr

$30/person 1.5hrs

$40/person for 2hrs.

Pole dance & Lap dance/tease party

   Master the art of tease and lap dance getting in touch with your sensual side. You’ll learn the secretes of moving in a confident flow that’s sure to induce desire on the floor, in a lap dance, and around the pole. It’s an experience that’s sure to help you unleash the irresistible, amazing you!

$20/person for 1hr

$30/person for 1.5hrs

$40/person for 2hrs.

Lap Dance/Tease Party

   Focus on the tease with a full hour of only lap dance and tease. You’ll continue to explore options and moves as we keep going with lap dance and tease until you feel as confident as you can with this one style of dance. Unleash the sensual awesomeness of your beautiful self.  Feel free to dress up and video/photo on your devices as you wish.  

This is only available with a 1hr party at $20/person

Twirl and Tricks

Perhaps your group simply wants to explore pole fitness as the challenging and fun fitness that it is without dancing? This party is for those who just want to learn cool tricks without the bootie pops. Spinning around the pole and creating new shapes are our only focus. Feel free to take photos of your amazing accomplishments. Be ready to be a little sore after this quality fitness class.    

This is only available with a 1hr party at $20/person

Party of the Decade

: Choose 80s, 90s, or any decade of your choice as the theme of your party. You and your friends can come dressed to the decade as we dance away jamming to tunes from your decade.  We'll spin, dip, dance and play games enjoying this unique twist to this pole dance party.  Choose this party option to make your party the most memorable.

$20/person for 1hr

$30/person for 1.5hrs

$40/person for 2hrs.

Chair Dance Party

Have a blast with friends learning a choreographed chair dance to the song of your choice. We can do an easy chair dance or throw in a few, safe tricks; it's up to you. We can accommodate between 3-7 attendees for this amazing experience. We can make a video of your dance and send it to you after the party so you’ll have a memory you can keep forever.  See Example Video.

$30/person 1hr

$40/person 1.5hrs

$50/person 2hrs

Floor Dance Party

Enjoy a remarkable experience learning a full choreographed floor dance routine with your friends to the song of your choice.  You're fun time will include learning all the floor dance movements and practice dancing them together.   You will love every second of this incredible time creating memories that will last a lifetime. It's amazing!   Please be sure to have between 3-10 friends join you for this lasting experience. We can record a video of your dance and send it to you as a memory.  See Video for an example of what to expect. 

$30/person 1hr

$40/person 1.5hrs

$50/person 2hrs

Pole Choreography Party

Move with purpose as you arrive and learn a full choreographed routine to the song of your choice. This incredible experience will be a bonding time with friends as you feel and move in a magical way to create a unique and unforgettable piece of art. If desired we can make a memorable video and send it to you later for you to remember forever.  See video example below.  Remember we will dance to the song of your choice. 

$30/person 1hr

$40/person 1.5hrs

$50/person 2hrs

Home Pole Party

Want to bring the party home for an extra memorable bachelorette party or ladies night out?   Home parties always include 2hrs of awesomeness. You’ll see mind blowing performance along with clear and concise demonstrations of moves so everyone can participate.

Regular price: $450 for 2hr party.

Reviews and Thank Yous:

"Tiffany- I just wanted to thank you for Friday Night.  All of us Ol'Gals had a really great time.  We all lived thru it with out too many aches and pains.  You were so patient with us and so understanding.  We all had so much fun and we are all very impressed with your talent!  So thank you again. "  -Fran