Celebrate your bachelorette, birthday, or just a ladies night out at Expressions Fitness.         

Party Time
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You can reserve a party by clicking on "click to sign up" below and then clicking the tab labeled, APPOINTMENTS.  You can also reserve your space by clicking on the picture to your left.

Party Schedule:   

Friday: Anytime

Saturday:  Anytime after 4:30pm

Sunday: Anytime


Please call 440.532.7313 to request a party time


click on the picture to your right and reserve your time using the Appointments tab.  

 Everyone will get the chance to shine at the studio during your party. 

Pole Party:  This is an incredible time of fun, enjoyment, and bonding with your friends.   We've had church groups, sports teams, bachlorette parties, and many more groups of ladies looking to have a great time.  You'll learn some fun pole dancing moves, put the moves together, and create a dance for you and your friends.  Pole parties can be structured differently based on what you would like.  The instructor will also show some advanced moves at the end of class for your enjoyment.    

2 types of pole parties

Pole Dance Party:  This is a party that focuses on pole-amazing dance fun.

Pole Dance/tease party:  This party is half strip tease/lap dance tutorial.  You will learn how to give an amazing lap dance!!!  The second half is just pole dance fun.   


Example Videos
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Chair Dance Party:
Have a blast with your friends learning a full choreographed routine to the song of your choice dancing in a chair.  This party will create memories that last a life time as you can record and save a video of your group chair dance.   Please be sure to have between 3-7 attendees for this amazing time.     

Floor Dance Party:
      Enjoy a remarkable experience learning a full choreographed floor dance routine with your friends to the song of your choice.  You're fun time will include learning all the floor dance movements and putting them into a routine to be performed together.   You will love every second of this incredible time creating memories that will last a lifetime.  You can record a video of the dance you learned a the end of the hour class.   It's amazing!   Please be sure to have between 3-10 friends join you for this lasting experience.

Other Important Information:
The Party moves quite fast with many assignments and dance moves to try.  There is no down time during the party.  This situation permits quite a lot of fun time doing pole fitness dancing which is the reason for the event.   Alcohol and/or snacks are not necessary.  There's not a lot of time to indulge in either.  Please save your snacking and drinking for after party events.  

Your Party:  This is your party, and we want to assure that all participants are having a great time.  Please note that adjustments will be made at the request of party goers, pending safety.  (You're party will only be fun if everyone stays healthy and safe.)  If you want something changed or added, we'll be happy to accommodate.

How Many People Make a Party:   You must have 3 people to have a party.  Two people are welcome to take a semi-private lesson.  The maximum permitted is 20 attendees.  

Studio Party Pricing: Parties are $20 a person for anyone present the day of the event and $20 to reserve the time.  The reservation $20 is also the party pass for someone.     
Home Party Pricing: $300 

Cancellation Policy: Your party must be canceled 48hrs in advance to receive a refund.    

Courtesy Policy: All party attendees must pay the $20 even if they choose not to participate.  If friends choose to come, do not want to participate, and do not want to pay, they must wait outside.  Thank you. 
Party Pricing

Regular Party $20/person

Chair or Floor Choreography Party $30/person

Home party $300 (2hrs)

Reviews and Thank Yous:

"Tiffany- I just wanted to thank you for Friday Night.  All of us Ol'Gals had a really great time.  We all lived thru it with out too many aches and pains.  You were so patient with us and so understanding.  We all had so much fun and we are all very impressed with your talent!  So thank you again. "  -Fran