Expressions Fitness Leveling Safety System:


Level 1:   Level 1 consists of all upright movements.  This level is designed so individuals who prefer can enjoy pole fitness upright.   There are a wide variety of very safe, beautiful upright sits and crucifixes included.   Pole art is beautiful at all levels, and all abilities can enjoy creating beautiful pole art. 

Level 2:  Inverting is very limited and restricted in this level.  Trying to invert in class is optional if desired.   The lessons are mostly all fundamental, upright movements.  There are a wide variety of climbs, sits, and spins to learn as well.  Some of the conceptual goals of this level include holding body with proper engagement for safety and knee grip.   

Level 3:  Inverting safely and consistently without assistance is a requirement for this level.   Level 3 classes include all the basic inverted movement concepts.   Pole knowledge builds and there are a lot of fundamental concepts to learn upside down in addition to continuing to learn beautiful upright shapes. 

Levels 4-Advanced:  Pole skill grows when muscle memory has developed.  Learning the difficult tricks included in level 4 requires level 3 skills etc.  Pole can be extremely safe if skills develop in order, and there are a wide variety of skills.  It is very safe and more common than not to have different skill areas at various levels.  We have checklists with moves and students must learn one level before moving to the next.