Rules of Success

1) Believe in yourself!

2) Always give yourself time to learn because learning takes time.

3) Remember you are AMAZING! No one else can be you or bring what you bring to pole; therefore, LOVE YOURSELF. Focus on you and your pole journey!


Safety Rules

1)  Your safety is always the #1 priority.

2)  The teacher teaches the class.

3)  The teacher is responsible for spotting. Please do not touch other students!


    Comfortable clothing that allows movement is essential for all classes at Expressions Fitness.  Leggings can be worn for stretch class, sultry sway, burlesque, floor dance, chair dance, and more. 

    If you're taking a pole class that includes tricks, polewear is prefered.  We have polewear available at Expressions Fitness for all shapes and sizes starting at only $22.  You can wear shorts you already have and underwear if desired. 


Heels are a fun part of pole fitness.  Pole appropriate heels can be worn in any class as desired by the student.  Heels must be pole specific for your safety.  We have heels available.  We love to special order for you.  Thank you for clacking via Expressions Fitness's Pleaser heels.

Class viewing Policy

All students who are in the classroom during regular classes must be participants.   

Photo Release Policy

Students who prefer to keep their image private will be marked in the software with an alert.  Expressions Fitness teachers will see the alert and refrain from taking any photo or video of alerted students on Expressions Fitness’s devices.  Students can change their status at any time.  Expressions Fitness always respects your desires and will comply without question.  

Please discuss medical concerns with your doctor. 

Body Prepareaion = No Lotion

Remember to refrain from using lotin about 6-8 hours before pole class so your skin can grip the pole.  

Expressions Fitness's official colors are purple and green.  Our studio flower is the orchid.

Winter Storm Cancellation Policy

  Expressions Fitness will post on Social Media and contact all class attendees if classes are canceled due to weather concerns at least 2hrs prior to class.  If you've underestimated the weather conditions and feel un-safe driving to class, you can cancel.  Just give us a call and we'll save your class for a day you can make it safely.