Pole Sport Fitness is an  enjoyable, fun option for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.  Believing in yourself; love yourself, and enjoy your exercise.  Stop in and see us in Berea Ohio.  

Expressions Fitness Teachers

 Tiffany Curtin


    I have been a pole athlete for 6 years.  I was X-pole certified to teach in 2013, and I have been teaching pole fitness for 3.5 years.  I taught an average of 25 pole fitness classes per week for the first 3 years that Expressions Fitness was open; therefore, my experience is quality and extensive. I love teaching pole fitness.  It is by far one of my most favorite activities.

I want to make pole dance accessible to everyone giving students the opportunity to get the most out of their pole dance experience.  Pole dance is a personal journey of self discovery, self acceptance, self love, and self improvement gaining confidence, strength, and flexibility.  Expressions Fitness is a space where we perpetuate an environment of support and encouragement for every accomplishment.   

      In my own pole journey, I have participated in several competitions wining 2nd place in the level 4 Championship division with Pole Sport Organization at their regional competition in Chicago.  I went on to win 4th place at Nationals.  I have also participated in the professional division with USPSF.  I have since decided to stop competing for an un-specified period of time to focus on just enjoying playing with shapes and challenging my body.   At Expressions Fitness we have an environment of inclusive acceptance.  All are welcome competitors and those who just want to have a fun work out.    

    My favorite part of Expressions Fitness is the incredible people that walk through the door.  I relish the wonderful opportunity to interact with the amazing athlete/artists.  Most people who come here are fearless leaders who are emotionally strong enough to have fun while continuing to work at self improvement through exercise.  Everyone is both realistically optimistic and supportive.  Confidence is gained through pole fitness and increases in those who are already confident.  All shapes and sizes are great for pole.  It's about becoming pole strong and celebrating the wonderful, incredible, amazing person you already are right now.   



Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

      I'm an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Balanced Body certified Mat Pilates Instructor.  I’m super excited and PROUD to be a part of the amazing team at Expressions Fitness! I began my pole fitness journey in 2014 and it has been an inspiring and challenging addition to my life. I was honored to represent Expressions Fitness in May 2015 at the 2015 Central Pole Championships in Chicago, and bring home a 2nd place medal.

     I’ve been teaching fitness classes for 4 years, focusing on Pilates and Step Aerobics. Fitness is a passion of mine, and I love being able to help people achieve their fitness goals. I especially love group fitness because of the positive and encouraging atmosphere. I developed Pole-ates to fuse together 2 of my favorite things: Pole and Pilates! The disciplines are complimentary to one another and pair well for a total mind & body experience.  

What I love most about Pole is the challenge and the friendships that come with it. The amazing group of students at Expressions Fitness amaze me and inspire me on a daily basis.

Peace, love, and Pole (ates)!


Madalyn Boyert
Madalyn Boyert

  I'm so proud and excited to be a part of Expressions Fitness studio! In 2010 I started my pole journey and ever since I've been addicted! In May of 2015 I was able to represent Expressions fitness at the 2015 Central Pole Championships in Chicago, and brought home a 2nd place medal! 

  I'm excited to take the time and teach something I'm very passionate about. Pole is a career path I want to pursue and my dreams are finally happening! Pole is so unique and different then all other sports. It makes you feel strong, confident, and sexy. Pole has helped me build my confidence, I've found my inner beauty and after a long day it's the best stress reliever. I want Every individual that walks into my class to feel accepted, beautiful and unstoppable. I want to motivate everyone I see to challenge themselves, to step out of their comfort zone and feel comfortable doing it. Everyone is so unique and I love seeing the differences in people and how everyone expresses themselves. I hope to not only teach you but to learn from you as well. Don't be afraid to bring out those heals and show me what you got!  You all are beautiful and I hope to see you in class!! 
Mary Bilancini
I am honored to be joining the amazingly talented team of teachers at Expressions Fitness.  I have been regularly attending classes at Expressions Fitness for over two years.  I never would have imagined that buying a Groupon with a friend as something silly to do would have made so much of a difference in my life.  When I started taking classes I had just started to be active again after many years of being sedentary.  Not only has pole fitness made me physically stronger, but it has increased my confidence and introduced me to an amazing group of women (and some men too).  I am proof that you do not need to be young, skinny, or athletic to be able to do pole!

I have a masters degree in biomedical engineering, and currently work in cancer research.  My nerdy side loves that pole fitness is really all about physics and the various forces that you need to apply to the pole (and that the pole applies to you).  Pole is an excellent stress reliever, and allows you to be creative and express your emotions without saying a word.  Outside of pole, my interests include elephants, Doctor Who, baking cupcakes, and spending time with my family and my spoiled dog, Emma.
Erin Thorpe
Joining the Expressions Fitness Pole Team is an absolute honor. I love all the beautiful and unique women at the studio who have helped me to grow both physically and emotionally. Pole is my addiction! It has many things to offer such as strength, flexibility, balance, artistic expression, stress relief and so much more.
I have always been blessed with flexibility but pole has pushed me focus on my abilities and I have learned what muscles I use  to increase my own flexibility so that I can help others achieve their flexibility goals. 

  I am currently working on my bachelors degree in pharmaceuticals focused in medicines derived from natural sources.  I try to fill my free time with as many new adventures as I can. I like hiking, rock climbing, aerial silks, frisbee and just about anything athletic or outdoors. I am very interested in matters of the spirit and I am currently working on my mastery in Reiki (Japanse energy healing). I love new things and i"m excited to start this new adventure with everyone!
Christina Harrington
I am so honored to be apart of the growing team at Expressions Fitness! I stumbled upon the studio almost two years ago when I saw a Groupon and I haven't looked back since! 

My favorite thing about pole is the physical strength I have gained. Not to mention all the new friendships and a more accepting attitude towards my body. It's amazing what pole can teach you about your body and what it's capable of! I never thought I would get to the place I am now. I am so excited to take this next step in my pole journey!

I currently work full time at The Cleveland Clinic as a Patient Service Representative. Also, I am currently working on my MBA with a concentration in healthcare at Baldwin-Wallace University. I will be completing my degree in December of 2016. 

If you are curious about pole, I strongly encourage you to take a class! Either with a friend or by yourself! Tiffany has chosen amazing women that I am proud to call my fellow teachers. She has worked so hard to make the studio a place of love, acceptance, support and encouragement. I look forward to helping expand her vision with teaching static spins and tricks everyWednesday at 8:30pm!
 Madeline Cepek

   Hello! First let me thank you for taking your time to read about me! If you are reading these then you are probably considering trying pole for the first time; and I will give you the best piece of advice you will ever get... DO IT. 
   My daytime passion is making people look and feel beautiful as a hairdresser at Funké Hair Body Soul. One of the greatest rewards in my job is training the apprentices, and watching them grow and create their own style. I can't explain how excited I am to bring the passion and knowledge I have for teaching to Expressions.
   I fell in love with pole in my very first class. My initial thoughts were to take maybe one class a month, just for fun. Ha! I had no idea what an amazing outlet it would be. Pole gives you strength,  confidence, and builds an undeniable comfort in your own skin. Not to mention you get to spend time with people of the highest caliber. Pole athletes are self starters, they are sexy, they are intelligent and determined. 
  I feel incredibly honored to be teaching at Expressions fitness, and so thankful for the opportunity!