All policies are designed to help Expressions Fitness create an environment that is safe, healthy, encouraging, positive, and respectful.

Cancellation Policy

Students can cancel and save their class up to two hours before class time.  Late cancellations, anything after the 2hr window, will be charged.  If you have an unlimited pass, an extra $10 will be charged to your account for the late cancellation.   

Photo Release Policy

If student prefers NOT to permit Expressions Fitness to use their image they are considered a private client. 

     1) All private clients will be marked with an alert in the software to assure desires are respected.

     2) A private client is permitted to have photo or a video taken on their personal device only.

     3) Expressions Fitness will refrain from taking any photo or video of a private client on Expressions Fitness’s devices. 

     4) Private clients can be asked to sit out of a film on an Expression Fitness device.

     5) Private client can change their status by signing a new photo release and having their alert removed before class or an event.


Class viewing Policy

All students who are in adult classes must be participants.  All non-participating friends or family must wait outside the classroom.


Underage Participation Policy

Expressions Fitness does not currently have any underage classes; therefore, underage adults must take adult classes and have a guardian sign a waiver.  Children are NOT permitted to touch poles without a signed waiver.