Pole Sport Fitness is an  enjoyable, fun option for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.  Believing in yourself; love yourself, and enjoy your exercise.  Stop in and see us in Berea Ohio.  

Welcome to Expressions Fitness Inc.  

About the Poles:

Expressions Fitness has 7 sturdy 45mm steel poles.  There are 6 student poles and 1 instructor pole in the middle.  The poles can hold 750lbs on spin mode and more on static.   Our poles are well made, safe poles.      


Comfortable work out clothing is essential.  The recommended clothing includes form fitting short shorts and tank top or sports top.  Loose fitting clothes can slide easily and “get in the way” when working on the pole.  Depending on the move, sometimes skin is used to stick to the pole.  Therefore, the skin must be exposed for pole classes.  The more advanced a dancer becomes, the more skin exposure is necessary.  Yoga pants are appropriate for chair dance, stretching, Fab Polates, and floowork class.   Athletes can change when arriving at the studio and before departing from the studio.  We do have pole  clothing for sale in the studio as well.  


Students need to start barefoot, and work up to wearing shoes.  It is much harder to perform tricks in shoes.  Most pole dance shoes are 6”-8”, inflexible, have rubber sole, and plastic top so that it will grip to the pole.  The grip is essential.  If the top does not grip the pole it will be impossible to climb.  Shoes should also have a strap to prevent the shoe from flying off the foot. 

Arrival time

It is important to be on time for class in order to be sure to get the proper warm up.  Warming up the body is essential as it helps to keep the body healthy and safe throughout the workout.  Please arrive early to your scheduled class time.  You can pre warm up and stretch in in our auxiliary room. 

Grip Aids:

 Expressions Fitness has a wide variety of grip aids available and mighty grip body protectors.  For grip aids we have Dry Hands, Itac2, Dew Point, and Addherence.  All grips are available for use and for sale.  Thank you so much for helping support the studio by purchasing your grip aids at better price at Expression Fitness.  Thank you for supporting grip usage for the studio at the studio with your grip purchases.    

   There are gloves, knee pads, and ankle protectors with tack for you to use in the studio and purchase new.  Sometimes using these items allows your body some time to get used to the pole and the feelings of the pole without being uncomfortable.   

Body Preparation:

Participants should NOT use lotions or oils on their skin before or during pole fitness class.  The lotions and oils often make the skin slick and slippery and make it difficult to anchor to the pole.  A good rule of thumb is to try and refrain from using lotion or oil about 8 hours before pole class. 

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 All participants must also sign a waiver.