Pole Dance and Pole Sport Fitness are enjoyable, fun options for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.

Welcome to Expressions Fitness Inc.  

First Class. Workshop
  Introduction to Pole Fitness Workshop/class                       

Expressions Fitness Inc. Pole Sport Fitness and Pole Dance Studio is very unique.   The studio is run in a manor that caters to the athlete and her desires, safety permitting.  Safety is the priority.   It is important to take this introductory class in order to understand how to utilize all that Expressions Fitness has to offer.  You'll get to experience a brief sample of some of the different classes at Expressions Fitness.  You'll be better prepared to choose what class style is right for you.  All new students must take just one introductory class.  

There are a few exceptions to this rule.  You do not have to take the introductory class if you meet the following criteria: 1) You are a pole dance/sport athlete visiting from out of town 2) You have taken a pole class at Expressions Fitness in the last 6 months 3) You have been actively practicing pole fitness for a year or longer.

Introduction to Pole fitness class(workshop) is offered Mondays at 6:45pm and Thursdays at 10:30pm.   You'll find the introductory class under the *workshops* tab after you click over to the software using the button below labeled *click to sign up.*  There is a non-refundable schedule change fee of $25 for any schedule changes.    

*Please sign the waiver before coming to your first introductory class.  You can find it on the Mindbody software.  The tab is the fist one on the top right of the page.*


About the Poles:

Expressions Fitness has 4 permanent poles.  There are 2 brass poles and 2 stainless steel poles.  The diameter of the poles are 45mm (1.75 inches) and a 50mm (2inch) of each metal type. 


Comfortable work out clothing is essential.  The recommended clothing includes form fitting short shorts and tank top or sports bra.  Loose fitting clothes can slide easily and “get in the way” when working on the pole.  Depending on the move, sometimes skin is used to stick to the pole.  Therefore, the skin must be exposed.  The more advanced a dancer becomes, the less clothing the dancer can wear.  The only times that it is not essential to have shorts available to wear are when taking the introductory class, stretching class, flow and movement class, chair dance class, or participating in pole parties.  Athletes should at least bring a pair of short shorts to wear for all other classes.   Athletes can change when arriving at the studio and before departing from the studio.      


Students need to start barefoot, and work up to wearing shoes.   Pole dancing shoes can be worn after a move is mastered.  Most pole dance shoes are 6”-8”, inflexible, have rubber sole, and plastic top so that it will grip to the pole.  Shoes should be tight fitting, even a size too small, in order to stay on the foot properly when the foot is sweaty.   Remember that the shoe is being utilized to grip the pole.   Shoes should also have a strap to prevent the shoe from flying off the foot. 

Arrival time

It is important to be on time for class in order to be sure to get the proper warm up.  Warming up the body is essential as it helps to keep the body healthy and safe throughout the workout.  Please arrive about 5 minutes early to your scheduled class time

Grip Aids:

 Expressions Fitness has a wide variety of grip aids available and mighty grip body protectors.  For grip aids we have dry hands and itac.  Regular and extra strength itac are available for use and for sale. 

   There are gloves with tack, ankle protectors with tack, thigh protectors with tack, and arm protectors with tack available as well.  Sometimes using these items permits your body some time to get used to the pole and the feelings of the pole without being uncomfortable.   The body protectors are available for use and for sale.         

Body Preparation:

Participants should NOT use lotions or oils on their skin before or during pole fitness class.  The lotions and oils often make the skin slick and slippery and make it difficult to anchor to the pole.  A good rule of thumb is to try and refrain from using lotion or oil about 2 hours before pole class. 

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About the Instructor: Tiffany Curtin


Pole dance fitness:

    I learned pole fitness taking classes locally, at the Pole Expo in Las Vegas, and in Michigan at the Aerial festival.  Some of my teachers were the best pole dancers in America.  I successfully completed the X-Pert Pole Dance instructor training in January 2013 prior to opening the studio, and I am a certified pole dance fitness instructor.  I keep continuing my pole dance education learning more every day.  In November of 2013, David Owen visited Expressions Fitness as a guest instructor.   I took classes from him while he was here increasing my pole fitness knowledge.   I've also taken a workshop with Jamilla Daville in December of 2013.  

     I'll answer the question everyone always wants to know.  No, I've never been an "entertainer."  However, I have always been an athlete.  Pole Dance is now considered a sport.  There are many people all over the US and the world who do pole dancing as a sport.  There are pole dance competitions.   There is in fact an international organization dedicated to getting pole dance into the Olympics.  In Texas they pole dance for Jesus, and there are Mormon organizations that pole dance as well. 


Why did I open Expressions Fitness?:  

     I want to make pole dance accessible to everyone, and give people the opportunity to experience pole dance in a way that works for them.  Pole dance is a personal journey.   Through pole fitness individuals gaining confidence and strength.  I want to perpetuate an environment of support and encouragement where everyone feels good about their accomplishments.    


Who takes classes at Expressions?:

     What I enjoy the most about my job is teaching.  I relish the wonderful opportunity to interact with the amazing ladies and gentleman who enjoy Pole Sport Fitness and continue to take classes every week.  Most people who come here are fearless leaders.  Men and women who are emotionally strong enough to have fun while continuing to work at self improvement through exercise.  Everyone is both realistically optimistic and supportive.  Confidence is gained through pole fitness and increases in those who are already confident.  All shapes and sizes are great for pole.  It's about finding your uniqueness and enjoying who you are.   Students come from all walks of life including business owners, doctors, lawyers, beauticians, photographers, stay at home moms, college students, and business professionals.   



Expressions Fitness
48 Front Street
Berea, OH  44017
Phone: 440-532-7313

Cell phone: 330-421-7249
Email: tiffany@expressionsfitness.com


All participants must be 18years or older.   All participants must also sign a waiver.

You only need to sign the waiver 1 time, and there is tab to sign the waiver when you click on "Click to sign up."
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