Pole Sport Fitness is an  enjoyable, fun option for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.  Believing in yourself; love yourself, and enjoy your exercise.  Stop in and see us in Berea Ohio.  

Welcome to Expressions Fitness Inc. 

Located in Beautiful Berea Ohio.

Empowerment, Strength, Confidence
Pole Sport Organization
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Expressions Fitness Provides: 
-Flexible Schedule, afternoons, evenings, late evenings
-Quality instruction relaying ideas and concepts as well as the safest and most effective techniques
-A wide variety of classes including specialty classes and 7 week courses
-Showcases for personal development as an artist/athlete attended by friends and family
   "I have never been the most confident person, finding it utterly impossible to see myself how others seem to see me.  When a very good friend suggested pole dancing, I was skeptical at first.  I figured I could try it…no harm in that right?  I almost didn’t stick with it, as the first few classes were rough and borderline impossibly frustrating.  But I did.  And I am so glad and so grateful for that decision, and that friend.  Through these classes, I have gained so much more strength, both mental and physical, than I thought I could have.  I have done things I never thought I could do.  I am adoring every moment of this journey....."

"We (Nikki, Kim, and I) had agreed to all do the next showcase together whenever it was...  Mind boggled with how I was going to pull this all together with no prior dance experience and the crazy want of perfection….  This is more than a dance routine.  This is me proving to myself I am worthy of believing in myself. Proving I can finish what I start.  Proving I have confidence in myself......"

Expressions Fitness
48 Front Street
Berea, OH  44017
Phone: 440-532-7313

Cell phone: 330-421-7249


All participants must be 18years or older.   All participants must also sign a waiver.

You only need to sign the waiver 1 time, and there is tab to sign the waiver when you click on "Click to sign up."
Last edited: 7/24/2014