Frequent Flyer Challenge

    Can you rise to the Challenge?  For the summer months including June, July, August, and September, Expressions Fitness is running a challenge with incentives to attend class just one time a week and two times a week throughout the summer.  The biggest benefit of coming to class one time a week is keeping up with and increasing your pole strength and flexibility over the summer as well as all of the other benefits you gain from pole fitness: 

   -increased core strength
   -body awareness
   -learning beautiful movements and combinations
   -increased mental ability   
   -increased flexibility
Time Frame:  June 12th-September 23rd (15 weeks total) 

One time a week Challenge: 
    -8 of 15 weeks = 30% off a purchase
    -12 of 15weeks = 40% off a purchase 

Two Times a week Challenge: 
        -An average of 2 times a week* for 12 of 15 weeks receives all of the above and 

Exclusive Free Photo Shoot
                    Photo shoot includes:
- 2 outfit changes
                    - 5 pre-planned poses in each outfit 
- Shoot day Sunday September 24th at 2:30pm

*Safety First; rest days are important!*