Weekly drop-in classes are availabe for everyone!  We have level specific classes as well as multi-level classes.  We want to provide you with the class that interests you at a time that fits your schedule.   Many of our drop-in classes are all levels or multi-level classes to accomidate anyone who is interested in rock'n some pole on the day it's offered.  We have level checklists available so you can assure you're learning everything in each level as you progress.  Drop-in classes are great for Aerial Artists with changing schedules.  We adjust the schedule to meet the changing needs of students as we're always aiming to please.  

Drop-in Pole Classes

Drop-in classes must have at least 3 students signed up for the class to run.  The space can be used for open practice if available, or your class will be saved for another day if there's a cancelation.  You can cancel up to 2hrs prior to class, and sign up right before class if desired.  Please get on the waitlist if you want to take a full class.  There may be openings 2hrs prior and if you're the first on the waitlist you'll get the first available pole!    


Fab-Pole is a great class!  It's a fun to invert with fabrics supporting you.  Fabrics are attached to the pole for a gorgeous new way to pole.  There's a dance element as well.