Drop-in classes:

Drop-in classes are classes that do not require all attendees to be completing the same tricks or learning the same steps in their learning process.  In some drop-in classes, students from many levels are included.  Drop-in class content is going to include specific types of tricks or “movement families” in a rotating syllabus on a 4-week cycle.  You can track your progress with personal checklists by marking the dates of completion.  Drop-in classes can be taken exclusively or in addition to a progression class to supplement and help accelerate learning.  Taking at least 2 classes a week does accelerate learning.  

Drop-in classes must be used before their expiration date which varies depending on your class package or membership.  The cancellation policy is that you must cancel 12hrs prior to class in order to save your class for another day.   However, you can sign up right before, and get on the waitlist we sometimes have last minute cancellations.  A class that has 3 attendees will always run.  We cancel classes with 2 or less attendees because 2 students are a semi-private class and 1 student is a private class.  We have different rates for those classes.  If your class is canceled, your class pass is automatically saved for another day and you will be notified.    

Drop-in Pole Classes


Fab-Pole is a great class!  It's a fun to invert with fabrics supporting you.  Fabrics are attached to the pole for a gorgeous new way to pole.  There's a dance element as well.