Special Classes 

    Special Classes are classes that are offered in addition to the regular class schedule. Special classes are designed to expand knowledge and skills learned in regular pole classes.  Pole strong students usually can handle chair dance & floor tricks because of their strong core strength, but modifications are available for beginners and non-pole athletes.




        A Pole Jam is a time to have fun playing games and meeting new pole friends.   We also offer special discounts on products during pole jams.  This is a time for games, fun, meeting new friends, and safe pole tricks.  Come jam with Expressions Fitness!  

May 7th from 2-4pm at Expressions Fitness Studio
Summer Special Classes
Smooth Motion

Sunday May 7th at 11:30am

          Smooth Motion is a class dedicated to dancing and moving from one dance move to the next like liquid, smooth.  You'll go over floor dance concepts and practice techniques.  Enjoy making your movements flow.  You can wear leggings, leg warmers, knee pads, and socks if you want for this class.    

Clean Climbing

Sunday May 7th at 12:45pm

           Do you want to make your climb look pretty?  This class is the right class for you.  We'll be perfecting your vertical movement using different techniques.  We'll start with the Muscle Memory needed for your climb focusing on proper muscle engagement.  This class is appropriate for all levels.  We have ankle protectors and grip to help develop your climb flow

Muscle Memory Development

Friday May 19th at 6:15pm

This class is specifically aimed at helping you gain the muscle memory and proper engagement you need to help you to easily execute a long pole combo. In addition to learning, you'll also get a great workout and a necessary long stretch at the end to help ease soreness and prevent muscle knots. This class is open to all levels

Floor Flow: Smooth Shoulder Roll

Sunday May 21st at 1pm.

Floor Flow is all about floorwork and learning different floor dance movements.  This particular floor class will dedicate a good portion of the time to shoulder rolls including how to do them safely, properly, and with ease.

Abs and Core

Sunday June 4th at 1pm

This class is dedicated to core strength and conditioning.  It will help you to gain the control you need for inverting and the muscle engagement that is so important for advanced moves.   
Specials List for Saturdays 
All of the following Special Classes are on Saturday mornings at 11:45am 

Chair Dance

June 17th
July 22nd
August 26th
September 23rd 
October 28th
November 25th 
December 9th 

This packed class includes a choreographed chair dance routine with a few chair tricks added for additional awesomeness.  Modifications available for those wanting to try. 

Group Choreography Class

April 29th
June 3rd
July 8th 
August 12
September 2nd
October 14th
November 11th
December 2nd.

This class includes a short choreographed group pole fitness routine.  The pole fitness world already has group pole dances included in competitions, and Expressions Fitness is on board.  Who said pole wasn't a team art/sport?


May 6th
June 10th
July 15th
August 19th
September 16th
October 21
November 18

Doubles class requires that you feel very secure in the moves that you can do well.  We will not be learning new pole movements.  We will be utilizing the pole movements that you know well to make beautiful shapes with a partner. 


May 20th
June 24th
July 29th
October 7th

Learn a short choreographed floor routine along with beautiful floor moves.  This is a fun, artistic class.   Come roll around with us. 


May 27th
July 1st
September 30th
November 4th

Learn a full choreographed routine on the pole.  This is a beautiful class that focuses more on pole moves than pole tricks.   Come love choreography and flow on a lovely Saturday morning. 


August 5th
December 16th

This class included lap dancing with lap dancing tricks.  It's a fun time with friends learning how to be a temptress.