Special Classes    

      Expressions Fitness offers many special classes offered periodically as an extra amazing experience.   The special classes run between 60-90 minutes.  Special classes will also include a video that will be uploaded to our Youtube channel so you can remember the experience forever!  As stated on our information and rules page, you can always sit out of the filming part if you decided you're not interested in being in a video.   

Chair Tricks Choreography 

October 19th at 6pm

December 7th at 6pm

     Explore the chair in ways you’ve never imagined before.   It’s another opportunity for beautiful shapes and transitions.   The chair is a great medium for exploration and adventure.  Be prepared for a short routine that incudes tricks and inverts.  Modifications are always available as it is an all inclusive class.  The answer is Yes!  Say yes to chair tricks choreography.  

Doubles Team Tricks  

October 12th at 6pm

December 28th at 6pm

    Go Team!!!  This is the most exiting hour of the rotation as you never know what gorgeous shapes we will discover.  You do NOT need a partner, we all work together learning to fly with a friend on the pole.  The class includes everything from dancing doubles to partner supported tricks as safety level permits.  As always safety is the number one priority; however, you’ll be surprised how many amazing shapes you can execute with control.   


 Floor Dance Choreography

September 28th at 6pm

November 30th at 6pm

     Float through a smooth floor flow crated for you.  Yes, you can spend a long, lovely time on the floor with amazing results.  This floor flow does have some tricks added for flair with modifications and mats available to make it easier.  


 Floor Flow

November 9th at 6pm

     Floor flow is all about the HOW.  We do teach you how to flow smoothly from move to move without a plan.  It’s a freestyle, free flow experience.   You’ll learn all the tips for seamless transitions, beautiful movement, and endless flow.     


Group Choreography Class

November 2nd at 6pm

      It’s about the whole group coming together to make a magnificent piece of art.  We start with a song and a message.  We work together as a team to create the movement and flow that it becomes.   This is a magical experience.   Who said pole wasn't a team art?


Low Flow Choreography

October 26th at 6pm

December 21st at 6pm

     This amazing experience exists only on the bottom of the pole.  The official rule is no choreography higher than you can reach with your hands.  All of the movement is close to the ground with an emphasis on the floor and the bottom on the pole. 

Pole Choreography

September 21st at 6pm

November 16th at 6pm

     It’s just art: gorgeous, dance art.   You’ll come to experience and take in a full choreographed routine that is outlined for you.   As the pole artist, you fill in the spaces with your style and grace.   Pole Choreography is about creating a character and experiencing the art side of pole with a dance flow.    


December 14 at 6pm

    Do you want to learn how to give the ultimate gift of attention and sensuality through lap dance?  This amazing class will teach you how to give a mind blowing lap dance!  Several types of lap dance tricks are included for a fun and exciting lap dance learning.  Sign up for yourself or to give the ultimate gift.