Private Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons

Private lessons include one on one instruction.   The lessons will be structured as requested by the athlete taking the class.   The specific content during the instruction will be structured individually to meet specific fitness goals.  All evening private classes are held in the Auxiliary room of Expressions Fitness.   Private times can be added to the schedule; you can contact Tiffany at Expressions at 330.421.7249 for more information.  


Semi-Private lessons are available as well.   The semi-private lesson is like a private lesson, but the class size is limited to 2 participants.  This could be purchased as a very thoughtful gift for a good friend or family member. You can contact Expressions at 330.421.7249 and get a special semi-private time added to the schedule..

Performance Private  This is a private class that is focused on creating choreography for a performance of some kind.  The main difference between this class and a regular private class is that the class does not include detailed trick or pole fitness instruction throughout the class.  The class strictly includes movements that the performer has already learned and the instructor will only “teach” red level dance movements for the performance.  

 -Private classes will be scheduled based on who requests the space first
-All clients must pre-pay for the private class. 
-All clients will be charged full price for a no-show or canceling less than 12 hours before your scheduled class. 
-All clients will be charged half price for canceling 48 hours before the scheduled class. 
-All privates are single class pricing. 
Private or Semi-Private
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Private & Semi-Private Lesson Availability

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