Intermediate & Advanced Pole Classes  

Intermediate & advanced classes are meant to challenge students.  There are many different types of intermediate and advanced classes available.  Class size varies.  Please read the descriptions below and get ready for an incredible class!  You should have completed all the Beginner 2 lessons in order to take an intermediate class.

Pole Tricks Intermediate/Advanced

Monday 11:30am
Wednesdays 6:15pm
Saturdays at 1pm

Trick Star includes a full hour of detailed tricks instruction. Athletes must be focused and know the details of how to execute difficult tricks properly.  It's challenging mentally and physically to move your body into difficult positions. The tricks that athletes are permitted to try are based on safe execution of requirements. Although safety is our focus, athletes surprise themselves with the wonderful ways in which they can move their bodies. This class is for the athlete that enjoys neat tricks.