How to get started

1)  Read the information on the info and rules page.      

2) Sign up for a class that interests you and fits your schedule.  All of the flexy and sexy classes are level 1 classes and do not require any pre-requsite skills or physical abilities.  As a novice, you can sign up for  a level 1, level 1&2, all levels,or level 2 if you're feeling confident about your fitness background.  Experienced pole athlete/artists please read the level descriptions below or attend an all levels class.   
3) Sign up for a class.  If you need assistance, please contact us for assistance. 

4) Look at the DIRECTIONS tab under HOME.   There is a picture of where to turn to get to the studio.  The picture is very helpful. 

5) Arrive at the studio 15 min. early to do a tiny bit of paperwork and get a short introduction.  

6) Start your pole journey! The most important step is to come to class.  All you need to do to become a poler is to start taking classes and vola!   Just like magic you're doing it!  


"I'm not strong enough."    Our syllabus is designed to give your body time to develop strength in pole class.  Each class builds upon the last class making your body stronger with each spin.

"I'm not flexible enough."   Our leveling system provides you with the ability to start with what your body can do.  You are not required to be flexible even at an advanced level.  If you want to become flexible as an adult, it is possible with the correct techniques and consistency.  We offer stretching classes Monday-Thursday and flexibility on Saturday. 

"I'm not coordinated enough."  Nonsense!  Teaching your body to flow sometimes takes a little time, but I can guarantee you that you will get the hang of it!  

"I need to wait until I loose weight."  Gibberish!  Polers celebrate size and diversity!  All shapes and sizes of people pole.  In fact, there is a competition that only accepts curvy polers.  You can find more information at   

Level System


Expressions Fitness Level Safety System:


Level 1:  If you prefer your feet on the floor, this is the level for you!  There are a few aerial tricks considered to be level 1, but they are optional.  This level is designed for the beginner who has no fitness or dance background or just want's to start at the beginning.   Pole art is beautiful at all levels, and all abilities can enjoy creating beautiful pole art.  You can wear leggings or shorts depending on your goals.   

Level 2:  If you want a physical challenge this is a great place to start.  You can start at level 2 or take a level 1&2 combined pole class.  Inverting in class is optional at this level.  The lessons are mostly all fundamental, upright movements.  There are a wide variety of climbs, sits, and spins to learn as well.  Spinning is the most enjoyable way to increase upper body strength.    

Level 3:  Inverting safely and consistently without assistance is a requirement for this level.  There are also a few important level 2 concepts that are required to start level 3.  If you want to fast track yourself to level 3, please refer to your level 2 checklist.   Level 3 classes include all the basic inverted movement concepts like hands free inside and outside leg hangs or Gemini and Scorpio.  Butterfly to flat line is included in level 3 at Expressions.   

Level 4:  Level 4 consists of intermediate movements like Jade, Allegra, extended butterflies, and harder upright moves like cupid and superman. You should have your level 4 checklist mostly completed before moving to advanced pole.  

Advanced:  Advanced pole is challenging, but completely amazing and possible if you've built your pole knowledge.  Levels 1-4 build upon the level before like a school subject such as math.  Advanced pole is not just the next step, it's a world of combo possibilities and gorgeous shapes. It's important to teach your body what you need to learn before you get to advanced pole so that your body is healthy and safe in advanced pole.