How to get started

1)  Read the information on the information page.  Please contact us with further questions.  However, keep in mind this is NOT a medical facility.  You will need to ask your doctor your medical questions.   We accept all students!!  It is your responsibility to get clearance from your doctor to attend classes if you have any health concerns.     

2) Sign up for a any level 1 class, Pole Dance 1&2, or Pole Tricks level 1&2.  Choose a class based on your schedule and desired class style.  Pole Dance includes pole dance art and Pole Tricks does not include dancing.
3) Sign up for a class.  If you need assistance, please contact us for assistance. 

4) Look at the DIRECTIONS tab under HOME.   There is a picture of where to turn to get to the studio.  The picture is very helpful. 

5) Arrive at the studio 15 min. early to do a tiny bit of paperwork and get a short introduction.  

6) Start your pole journey!  If you don't mind doing modified floor versions of the upright pole moves, you can wear leggings to level 1 classes, but shorts are preferred.  Shorts and a tank are necessary for all level 2 pole classes.  We have a very warm facility in the winter and air conditioned in the summer with plenty of places to change when you arrive if you need to change after work.