If you want to save some money on competition by traveling with the group, you can make arrangements on your own with people you meet in class or talk to your teacher for assistance.  

Assistance is limited to competitions that are being attended by other students and/or the teacher.  You're always free to do as you wish.  Please remember to do what is best for YOU!  Competing is always about you and your experience.   
How to put together a routine for Competition Class: 

You can take private classes, performance class, or put the routine together on your own scheduling personal practice time.    
If you can, it is a great idea to freestyle to your song before you start piecing it together.  

Keep going even if not everyone is supportive.  

Remember this is about you!! Simply leave out those that are un-supportive of your cause and do it!  
Competition Class
Comp Class
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Competition Class

Are you interested in competing, but not sure if you're ready?  Maybe you're ready, but not sure what level or style of competition to sign up for?  Do you want to make your performance the best performance it can be?  This is the right class for you!  

The first class will be
Sunday September 16th  

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How Competition Class works: 

You bring half of a routine already prepared or a full routine already prepared to the class.  

 You will warm yourself up and keep yourself warm just like when you're back stage at a competition.  If you're not sure how to do that, the teacher will give you some tips to help you prepare for warming up your body on your own.  Remember you must continue to stay warm until you preform just like a competition. 

When it's your turn, you'll let the class know the following information: 
What competition are you preparing for meaning what date: "I'm not sure yet" is an acceptable answer. 
What type of competition are you trying to create:  Sexy, dramatic, championship, Entertainment, etc.  
What level are you signing up to compete at meaning levels for Pole Sport Organization which are different than Expressions Fitness's levels.  Please click this link for more information: www.polesportorg.com

If you're competition is with a different Organization than Pole Sport Organization, please print and bring the judging criteria.   Most all competition organizations will let you know how you're being judged.  

Next you will perform your routine or what you have already completed of your routine.  You NEED to have a prepared routine.  Freestyle is NOT an option for competition.  

After the performance, you'll receive feedback from the teacher and the class.  You'll get feedback on the positives and the areas that need improvement as well as if your routine is appropriate for the level and style of competition you want to try.        

Some improvements may require that you do some work before the next competition class like costume adjustments or additions.  However, you may run through your routine a second time for more feedback and for another video for you to watch yourself for your continued growth as a performer.   Perhaps the second run through will have improved eye contact etc.