All Levels
    All Levels Classes welcome students at all levels of pole skill.  All students are welcome and the class will be modified to your fitness level.  Keep in mind an advanced student could be in the same class as a beginner.  As long as students remember the rules of success, this seems to work out well.  

All Levels Pole Classes 
Pole Art Tricks Integrated

Wednesdays 8:45pm
Thursdays 10pm

          Pole Art Tricks is a regular, quality tricks class with a dance move and freestyle at the end of the class.  The tricks class consists of a static spin, spinning pole move, dynamic combo, and tricks instruction.  At the end of class there is a short flow instruction and dance freestyle.  This class size is limited to only 6 and anyone can sign up for the class.  Everyone supports everyone else in their different levels as we are all on our own journey. 

Spins and Tricks (beginner & Intermediate)

Tuesdays at 6:15pm

This class is so much fun the quality workout is an extra bonus.  You'll practice flowing around the static pole with beautiful spins.  The class also includes a short muscle memory development section, tricks, combos, and an ending stretch.  If you're an advanced student, stop in to get that jade flat and stretch out your Allegra, or try that intermediate combo on spin.  You'll love it!  

Pole Team Tricks 
Thursdays at 7:30pm 

    Pole Team Tricks is a class that is half personal pole work and half doubles tricks.   The beginning of the class will include working on new pole tricks and perfecting the pole tricks class attendees know making them even more stable. The latter half of the class will focus on executing doubles tricks safely, consistently, and moving into and out of the tricks with flow.  Pole is a team sport!  You can sign up on your own for this class as we will be learning to team pole with all our classmates.  Please wait until you can invert consistently meaning you can do more than just a basic invert before coming to this class. 
Pilates & Fab assisted Pole Tricks
Mondays at 6:15pm

    This class is your ticket to strong abs and assisted pole tricks with fabrics.  Benefits of this class include: stronger core, increased flexibility, increased body awareness, comfortable inverts, and increased strength.   The beginning of class is sure to increase your core strength with Pilates.  The second half of class focuses on inverted and assisted pole tricks with the pole fabrics.   If you want to practice inverting and feeling more comfortable upside down or work on a nemesis move with the fabrics, this is the right class for you.     
Performance/Showcase Class 

Wednesdays at 10pm
Thursdays at 5pm
Saturdays at 10:30am


         This class is for all levels. Showcase class is a class designed specifically to put together showcase and performance pieces. Athletes must bring the song they want to dance to for performance class. The purpose of this class is to put showcase pieces together, competition pieces, and person pieces for recording.