Expressions Fitness offers many classes. Beginners must start with a beginner 1 class of their choice.   Students not starting in beginner 1 must test out of beginner classes by coming in for a trial.   Please look at the classes list.  If there is no beginner 1 class being offered at a time you can attend, please contact the studio and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Thank  you. 

This week: January 16th, 2017

Syllabi Status

Tuesday 7:15pm Beginner 1 Flow and Fun:  Week 1  

Wednesday Beginner 1 Flow and Fun: Week 3
( We restart week 1 February 1st and time Changes to 8:30pm )

Beginner 1 Basic: Week 1

Beginner 1 Heels Flow:  Week 3
(Week 1 starts March 30th)

Beginner 2 Pole Star Flow:  Week 7
( Week 1 starts April 11th )

Beginner 2 Static Spins & Tricks: Week 3
(Week 1 re-starts February 1st &  Time Changes to 7:15pm February 1st)  

Sultry Sway: Chair routine starts 

Syllabi available in studio for class attendees.