Pole Sport Fitness is an  enjoyable, fun option for physical exercise.   Pole includes elements that are similar to weight lifting, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and cirque, but it's also very unique and different.  Pole fitness athletes gain strength, flexibility, and increase self confidence.  Believing in yourself; love yourself, and enjoy your exercise.  Stop in and see us in Berea Ohio.  

Welcome to
Expressions Fitness Inc. 
where art meets athleticism

This week - June 11th to June 17th  

  Pole Artists, remember to sign up for class this week!

Expressions class  
Wednesdays at 5:45pm
  Expressions class includes different class content every week.  This week is Fab-Pole.  It will include some fun fab-pole tricks, spinning fab pole, and of course some art choreography.  Sign up now for a fabulous time!  

Sultry Sway Thursday will be a floor dance routine of sultry sweetness!  Sign up while there's still room!   

The next showcase is September 8th starting a 4pm.  Start preparing now! 

We have a new class on the schedule on  New 

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Get 50% off a 4 class pass for a limited time!   Sign up now the deal expires this week!

We are grateful for you!

We are so grateful for you and your continued support of confidence, art, athleticism, and empowerment for everyone at Expressions Fitness.  Our welcoming team of classmates and teachers is always happy to see you in class! 

Expressions Fitness
951 W Bagley Rd

Berea, OH  44017

Phone: 440-532-7313 or 330-421-7249
Email: info@expressionsfitness.com